Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass

There could hardly be someone who would not want to feel the magic of Himalayan Mountains, Glaciares covered with soft white snow, forever flowing Chanda river and the natural flavour combined creates a love-treat ambience.

Rohtang pass is the door to heaven, located at an altitude of about 3980 meters, connecting the natives of Lahaul valley with the rest of the Himachal.

This awesome place attracts tourists from all over the country due to the friendly guests of the locals towards them. The trip riders play with snow, throwing snowballs on each other and perform many more fun activities while enjoying the panoramic view of magical Himalayan mountains.

Connecting Kullu Valley to Lahaul and Spiti, Rohtang passes work as a bridge to connect to heavenly places, and the best part; it is just 51 Km away from the beautiful Manali.

This Mystical route is loved by all ( especially by nature lovers ) and is the most preferred route to many to travel through. Adding fact to its uniqueness that Rohtang pass is one of the world’s highest mountain passes in the world.  If you plan to travel beyond Rohtang skip, you’re then required to take a journey permit first that will cost you around Rs. 500.  Solang Valley lands on the way to Rohtang.


This valley is the heart of the entire nation and is well known for its adventurous sports activities and breathtaking sceneries. We should also mention the Rahala Waterfalls which is located 16 Km away from Manali. The waterfall is a perfect place to get a family picture clicked.

This place could be visited any time* between April to October and the visitor can enjoy the enthralling beauty of this heavenly pass amidst mountains.

Offering a Panoramic view of beautiful Dassaur Lake, and the famous twin peaks of Geypan along with the soul-touching view Beas Kund – The origin of river Beas.


The weather is unpredictable most of the time and a sunny day could be transformed to light snowfall in no time. The Rohtang Tunnel and the snow point are obviously the two major points of attractions. Manali trip is incomplete if you haven’t visited this place.

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